It’s been nearly 5 months since the 2.3 release of phpScheduleIt and I’m sure some are wondering what’s going on. Well, a lot of time has been spent working with BrickHost in setting up a cloud-based hosting solution for phpScheduleIt. This will be a turn-key solution with full support for a great price.

But development towards a 2.4 release is in progress! The main focus of 2.4 is a comprehensive public API. This will allow developers to easily integrate with phpScheduleIt and paves the way for mobile versions of the application. In addition, here are the other features that will be part of 2.4

GUI based configuration editor. No more need to open up the config file for basic changes.

Daily layouts. Full support for different schedule layouts for each day of the week.

WordPress authentication plugin. Single sign-on between phpScheduleIt and WordPress.

I’m also planning to include reservation reminder emails and ReCAPTCHA support. With a little luck and a lot of free time, we should be shipping 2.4 soon.

Stay tuned!