Monthly Archives: April 2012

Flexibility and Configuration

I’ve run into numerous folks from both the business and technical sides of the world who want flexibility built into software. Developers and managers alike spew out statements like “We want to leave our options open”, “We’ll need to support that one day”, or my favorite “The business doesn’t know what they want”. As developers,…

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Why phpScheduleIt?

Every so often I’ll be asked why I work on phpScheduleIt. I’m not profiting from the project and the time I spend developing, supporting and on general housekeeping adds up quickly. The short answer is that the time I spend is fun and rewarding. I’m a technologist at heart. I have been for many years….

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It happened. I’ve finally jumped in to the world of blogging. My hope here is to teach, learn and have some fun. I’m planning on sticking to technical topics, but I make no guarantees. It’s safe to expect a heavy dose of Agile software development, PHP & .NET code, design and tools, and plenty of…

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Nick Korbel