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As a software industry veteran with fifteen years of proven experience in technology leadership and software development, I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of industries and environments. Never shy about my love for agile methodologies, I’m passionate about delighting users with high quality software delivered rapidly and iteratively.

My experience as a manager, software architect, lead engineer, small business owner, speaker, blogger and open source project leader has given me a unique perspective on the world of software development. I believe that engaged people uncover unique ways to create amazing software. My job is to ensure that the people on my teams have everything needed to build exciting products that solve customer needs.

In 2013 I founded Twinkle Toes Software, a software consulting company, on the belief that software products are most successful when the people building an application are actively engaged with the people who actually use it.

What Keeps Me Busy


I’m the author of Booked, a popular open source scheduling application used by thousands of organizations around the world.


I founded Twinkle Toes Software in 2013 on the premise that connecting users and developers delivers the best results.


I blog, about a wide range of technical topics, including design, management, and agile software development.

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Jul 2013 – Current

Founder & President

Twinkle Toes Software

I founded Twinkle Toes Software to provide custom software development solutions and professional services for Booked Scheduler.

Providing hosting services and professional support for thousands of organizations around the world, Twinkle Toes Software is helping deliver enterprise scheduling solutions at prices any organization can afford.

Read more about my role at Twinkle Toes Software

I created this company in 2013 on the belief that software products are most successful when the authors listen to and collaborate with their users. In this role, I am responsible for software development, operations, sales, financials, and customer service. This company is nimble – able to respond to change and adapt to challenges.

Twinkle Toes primarily provides professional services to support Booked Scheduler, an extremely popular open source scheduling application of which I am the author and primary contributor. As president of Twinkle Toes Software, I have built a profitable business around this free, open source application.

Collaborating with a team of developers from around the world, I’ve been able to continuously drive the popularity of Booked to one of the most successful open source scheduling tools on the market.

Apr 2019 – Current

Senior Architect


As LabArchives continues it’s rapid growth, I am helping with the design and implementation of core products and features.

Sep 2018 – Apr 2019

Senior Engineering Manager


Led one of the core replenishment teams for Wayfair’s Supply Chain Planning organization

Read more about my role at Wayfair

  • Helped scale the value delivered to Wayfair by doubling the team size in a few months.
  • Coached on iterative development and core agile practices across multiple teams and roles.

Dec 2016 – Sep 2018

Engineering Manager

Pampered Chef

As an engineering manager, every day I do everything I can to create an environment that people thrive in. Happy software developers build awesome software.

Read more about my role at Pampered Chef

  • Dedicated to servant leadership, empowering, coaching, and managing 14 engineers across 3 teams.
  • Designed and implemented an agile maturity roadmap, introducing and evangelizing practices including continuous delivery, behavior driven development, test driven development, and pair programming.
  • Working closely with our HR partners, wrote job descriptions, evolved hiring processes, interviewed dozens of engineers, and built a new engineering team.
  • Organized meetups and events which drove brand awareness and led to multiple interviews and hires.
  • Helped reduce technology budget by 10% while maintaining delivery standards and engagement.
  • Created a technology internship program, coordinating on-campus presentations, designing an internship curriculum, hiring interns, and identifying conversion targets.
  • Helped the engineering team identify and incrementally split off components from a monolithic on-prem web application to a set of microservices continuously deployed in AWS.

Jun 2014 – Dec 2016

Development Manager

CDK Global

Managing across two continents and four time zones, I helped build, coach, and develop six teams at CDK whose responsibilities ranged from legacy applications, greenfield applications, and platform services.

Read more about my role at CDK

  • Focused on attracting, hiring, coaching, growing, and day-to-day management of 2 development teams totaling nearly 30 people spread across 4 locations.
  • Dedicated to cultivating an agile mindset and evolving our development processes and practices, striving for continuous delivery of customer value by self-organized teams.
  • Responsible for managing the team that delivers CDK’s tablet optimized in-store consumer application.
  • Responsible for managing the team that delivers the services that power CDK’s online quoting engine, in-store consumer application, and in-store salesperson application.
  • Responsible for the teams that deliver shared platform frameworks, libraries, services, and components in a variety of client and server side technologies, streamlining development across the organization.
  • Evaluated tools, technologies, vendors and solutions to ensure we build when needed and buy when it makes sense.
  • Partnered with our campus talent acquisition team to design, recruit and staff our summer internship program of 12 university students.

May 2013 – Jun 2014


Falcon Insurance Group

Falcon was a twelve person non-standard auto insurance startup when I worked there. This gave me the opportunity to work directly with domain experts to rapidly iterate and release a broad set of features in the short time that I was there.

Read more about my role at Falcon

  • Responsible for overall architecture, design and technical vision for all of Falcon’s internal and customer-facing products, including underwriting, claims and insured systems.
  • Led the adoption of Agile processes and tools including Octopus Deploy, TeamCity, Jira, Selenium, SpecFlow, nUnit, and Jasmine, putting structure around development and streamlining delivery.
  • Utilizing a toolset including HTML5, CSS3, MVC 5, Web API 2, Knockout and WCF, built and maintained applications supporting our customers as well as internal departments such as underwriting and claims.

May 2012 – May 2013

Principal Engineer

Redbox Instant by Verizon

As a joint venture between Redbox and Verizon, my responsibilities at Instant included leading the architecture of the platform systems that powered our video streaming service.

Read more about my role at Redbox Instant

  • Responsible for driving the architecture, design and development of platform systems and services supporting redbox instant.
  • Drove collaboration between technology and product teams to construct high throughput, high availability systems delivering subscription-based streaming and VOD.
  • Continuously evaluated architecture, implementing adoption of COTS as well as enhancements to in-house software.
  • Led automation efforts for testing (Selenium), deployment (Puppet) and monitoring (Splunk).
  • Responsible for software vendor selection, assessment, engagement and management.

Sep 2005 – May 2012

Principal Engineer


Redbox will forever hold a special place in my heart. During my eight years there I worked with the most passionate and curious developers in my career. I consider myself fortunate to have helped build a team capable of delivering new features multiple times per week with virtually zero quality issues.

Read more about my role at Redbox

  • Primary responsibilities include architecture, design and development of enterprise corporate applications with a focus on testability, maintainability, user experience and performance.
  • Responsible for management and career development of four direct reports with a focus on mentoring, talent development and career advancement.
  • Mentored junior members on TDD, OO design, system architecture, XP and Lean methodologies, and C# best practices and development processes.
  • Responsible for management and direction of geographically dispersed team working towards 24×7 development.
  • Led and drove collaboration toward customized Agile development processes including: iteration planning, continuous integration, pair programming, test-driven development, refactoring, and code reviews. Relentlessly introduced new concepts and approaches to constantly improve our processes.
  • Led a team of 8 in the iterative development of a full suite of integrated enterprise corporate applications, streamlining many time consuming or error prone manual processes. This resulted in customer service, corporate and field teams achieving higher levels of efficiency and enforced high levels of data reliability and integrity.
  • Led a team of 3 in the development of the first release of redbox.com, which allowed customers to browse title inventory, search for kiosks, and rent online in real time.
  • Responsible for interviewing and evaluating prospective developer and managerial candidate hires.



Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

DePaul University


2001 – Current

Booked Scheduler

Creator and Primary Author

Booked helps organizations and groups of all sizes efficiently manage, book, and track resources of any type. With multiple intuitive schedule views and powerful searching tools, users can quickly find available times for the resources they need. Beautifully simple calendar views allow everyone to see resource availability at a glance.

Booked is pluggable, customizable, and seemingly infinitely configurable.

What started off as a simple replacement for a commercial scheduling solution at a prestigious Chicago university grew into something far more than I could imagine. Now in use by hundreds of thousands of people in nearly every country in the world, Booked as become the most popular open source scheduling software on Earth.

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Booked Scheduler

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