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PapaParse as a Promise

I’m torso deep in re-writing the Booked front end for the 3.0 release. One of the big improvements will be the incorporation of modern JavaScript tools and patterns to replace the clunky JavaScript that currently handles client side functionality and dynamic rendering. Most of the admin tools allow for CSV imports for data. I’m now…

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What I Should Have Said

Mike Birbiglia is one of my favorite comedians. His effortless mix of storytelling and comedy is something I haven’t seen anyone else be able to pull off. Throughout his jokes he has a recurring theme where he finds himself in a high-stakes conversation. He builds up the audience with the statement “What I should have…

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It happened. I’ve finally jumped in to the world of blogging. My hope here is to teach, learn and have some fun. I’m planning on sticking to technical topics, but I make no guarantees. It’s safe to expect a heavy dose of Agile software development, PHP & .NET code, design and tools, and plenty of…

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Nick Korbel