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Extending phpScheduleIt : Getting started with the API

One of the big features we introduced in 2.4 was a RESTful API for integrating with phpScheduleIt. This is disabled by default but can be flipped on just by changing the config setting $conf[‘settings’][‘api’][‘enabled’] to ‘true’. Once you do that, navigate to the auto-generated documentation page at http://your_phpscheduleit_root/Web/Services/index.php (if you’ve got mod_rewrite set up with…

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Why phpScheduleIt?

Every so often I’ll be asked why I work on phpScheduleIt. I’m not profiting from the project and the time I spend developing, supporting and on general housekeeping adds up quickly. The short answer is that the time I spend is fun and rewarding. I’m a technologist at heart. I have been for many years….

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Nick Korbel