Booked is configurable in so many ways. In this article we’ll review how to control the text shown for a reservation on all of the schedule and calendar views.

You can customize what is shown for an reservation’s label in each of the calendar views.

Schedule View

Here in the schedule view we are showing the reservation owner’s name. To change that, open Application Configuration and find the reservation.label setting in the schedule section.

You can change this setting to any combination of the following options: {name}, {title}, {description}, {email}, {phone}, {organization}, {position}, {startdate}, {enddate} {resourcename} {participants} {invitees} {reservationAttributes}. Custom attributes can be added using att with the attribute id as the option. For example {att1}.

To show the title followed by whatever is set on the reservation’s custom attribute with id 1, you would set the reservation.label to {title} {att1}

You can customize this for pretty much every view. All of the other configuration settings are located in the reservation.labels section of Application Configuration To change the resource calendar view to show all of the reservation’s custom attributes, for example, you would set the resource.calendar setting to {reservationAttributes}

Resource Calendar

These same options can be used to customize what shows in icalendar and rss feeds, as well.

Hosting and Support

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This article was written on October 31, 2019, so check your documentation for the latest options.